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Nicu Popa
Nicu Popa, Romania
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The year 1995 found me struggling with myself; lot of unsatisfaction, frustrations, contradictory feelings regarding my friends which made my life unbearable, made me feel ashamed of what I felt and unable to recognize myself because of my reactions with people.

I was in great need of an innate transformation which could be also seen outwardly ( I always liked the proverb: "You will gather what you sow" ). I was in great need of something I could not define yet, overwhelmed with ignorance, incapable of being alert and protect myself against the evils attacking my peace, health, emotional and spiritual state. My attention was directed towards spirituality as I felt a kind of relief during my short and rare visits to a spiritual place (churches, monasterys).

Sahaja Yoga appeared as an answer to my expectations regarding spirituality. I had the desire to open new inner horizons of my soul which I was aspiring to. Some of my job colleagues told me about Sahaja Yoga, telling that it would help me to reconcile with myself and it would give me the peace I was in need of, the trust and many other things.

Generally speaking, the concept of yoga was totally strange for me, something uninteresting composed of some acrobatic execises ..... that was all. Still the situation I was in, made me attempt to do Sahaja Yoga. Very shy at the beginning, suspicious, I went to the public programs in my city and to my great surprise, after only 2 sessions, I started feeling all Sahaja Yoghis very closed. They surrounded me with love listening patiently my long list of problems, giving me trust and courage and advising me.

I was amazed that no money were asked for practicing Sahaja Yoga as far as nowadays any information you get is to be payed (truly we cannot pay the TRUTH. How much do we pay for a seed to sprout?).

After 2 months of practicing Sahaja Yoga meditations I could get rid effortlessly of some bad habits. That was not possible for me before in spite of my desire and struggle. At that moment I told myself: "Be patient and continue. There is something special here." As the time was passing I started discovering the inner beauty of the people in Sahaja Yoga colectivity. They were special people, dignified, correct, enthusiastic, joyful, very kind and generous with everybody. Everything was so natural to them; that could be seen on their shinning faces. Nothing of what they did or said was superficial or artificial and I was impressed how much kindness they were showing in spite of the other peopleís contempt and laugh. They were moral and selfless people, having no bad habits living in a society with the moral values in a continue degradation.

After 7 years of practising Sahaja Yoga I am now part and parcel of the Realised souls colectivity and I feel like I was born again. Everything is due to Sahaja Yoga which is a living process, something which can be felt and has the power to transform any human being in a sparkling diamond, polishing each and every side of it and making us all discover our own value.

As a Sahaja Yogi I learned what means to really love people, I learned that love and forgiveness can remove hatred, I learned to give without expecting anything back and moreover I felt that I am the Spirit, the eternal Godís smile in us.

Itís a real joy to discover the Spirit into us. The ugliness inside us, which we contemplate many times unknowingly, is washed away and the shinning Spirit makes unseen wings be opened and carry us above the darkness of ignorance.